Saturday, January 21, 2017

 About the content on my site

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This is MY website where I will share news, links, and my OPINION on such things.
I do not have to Justify MY OPINION. There will be times where MY OPINION is wrong and that is ok! Its an OPINION!
You don't have to like MY OPINION, Just like you don't have to Visit MY website!
You are completely with in your rights to make your own website.

The real purpose of this site is to get a clearer view of whats going on in the world. The media loves to keep us distracted with sensational news. Its hard to connect the dots of whats going on when its not given to us in a linear fashion. My hopes is by breaking the news up by topic and by chronological order that we will get a better sense of whats really going on.

I am posting links from oldest to newest on each page. So to start at the beginning you will have to go to the end of the page. I prefer to do it this way as once someone has cought up to the current time then they only need to look at the new entries at the top of the page.

I will never take credit for anyone else's hard work! I will always link back to the source!


The opinions expressed by My self "Morgotha" are mine alone, and do NOT reflect the opinions of any of the sites or people I promote or link to.